Testing Capabilities

Intretech is set up with the latest state of the art equipment and expert automation engineers to provide full fledged Accelerated Lifecycle Tests (ALT), Product Quality Assurance (PQA) tests and Visual Inspection Systems to ensure excellent product quality and stability.


Accelerated Lifecycle Testing

Intretech specialises in accelerated lifecycle testing (ALT). This enables you to understand the product performance under stress, thus, better identify the weaknesses and opportunities for improvements.

Automated Testing

Our automation team of 200+ engineers can help streamline ALT processes to achieve the highest quality feedback at the most efficient cost.

Vision Inspection Systems

  • Auto Visual Inspection of: missing parts, angle, concentration, appearance…
  • 30+ full time engineering and development team for AI and Machine Learning visual solutions
  • Real time test data visualisation via UMS system

Intretech Test System (ITTS)

Intretech’s automated ITTS platform integrates test plans, testing tools, test equipment, functionality tests and electrical performance tests.

Test results are auto recoded and uploaded to Intretech’s UMS system, providing a fool proof and user-friendly interface.

Equipment List

  • Ageing room (40C – 60C)
  • Thermal shock chamber
  • Humidity/Temperature Chamber
  • (Environmental Test Chamber)
  • Programmable salt spray testing machine
  • Drop tester
  • Vibration tester
  • Paint wear tester
  • Carton compression tester
  • Key life test fixture
  • Button force test system
  • Abrasion Tester
  • Electrostatic discharge tester (ESD)
  • Cable bending tester

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