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Intretech offers a diverse and advanced automotive solutions encompassing electronics, safety, and transport systems, all designed with the evolving needs of the industry in mind.

Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and comprehensive service positions us as a key player in the automotive sector.

20+ years of automotive expertise

20+ years
of automotive expertise

Key player in automotive

Key player in automotive EC mirror with 12% market share

supply chain

Solid presence in top 9-OEM’s supply chain


We have a specialized team that will bring our expansive expertise in intelligent manufacturing to the Medical and healthcare Tech sectors. Seasoned professionals with deep expertise in medical devices, regulatory compliance, and precision manufacturing currently staff our medical division.  

Harnessing our global network and innovative spirit, we will continue to deliver cutting-edge medical solutions that meet the highest safety and efficacy standards globally. Their approach includes a robust zero-defect manufacturing strategy and leverages advanced technologies and automated production lines.    

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is
culturally embedded into every facet of our productions.

Vertical integration

Vertical integration provided globally.

Testing methodologies

Testing methodologies ensure that our manufactured devices’ meet the highest industry standards.

Energy, Industrial, Building

At Intretech, we excel in providing innovative manufacturing solutions across multiple industries. Our expertise spans renewable energy, Industrial IoT, waste management, water systems, and smart buildings.

Solar electricity

2912 million KWH of solar electricity generated by HQ (15% yearly concup)

Lead-free paints

Moving to lead-free paints in all our production factories

Factories in America, Europa Asia

Global manufacturing locations bringing production close to key markets.

Consumer Electronics

We bring visionary consumer electronics to life. From groundbreaking gaming consoles and immersive audio systems to advanced home appliances, arts and craft devices, and Forbes-featured air purification solutions, our expert manufacturing seamlessly integrates IoT, data analytics, and automation.

consumer electronics
OEM ODM audio manufacturing

Over 1,600+ engineers with experience
in HW/SW/AI Smart Manufacturing

Factories in America, Europa Asia

Factories in Malaysia, Hungary and China &
a global team across America/Europe/Asia

growth-driven partnerships

A dedicated customer onboarding team, guarantees quick setup, from paper to manufacturing


Intretech began its journey in the audio industry 17 years ago, marking the genesis of our extensive expertise and knowledge in this realm.

Over the years, we have continuously evolved, staying at the forefront of technological advancements and contributing to the innovation and progress of audio technology. 

Our unwavering dedication to excellence has garnered us widespread recognition across the global audio landscape, establishing our position as an industry leader. 

Audio solutions
OEM ODM audio manufacturing

Delivering OEM/ODM audio manufacturing expertise

Vertical integration

Vertical integration provided globally.

Audio hybrid

Audio hybrid ANC, Bone conduction to 3D spatial audio.


From augmented reality headsets to cutting-edge consoles, the synergy of intelligent manufacturing at Intretech transforms gaming into an evolving tapestry of technological inventions, elevating player experiences to unrivalled heights. With precision akin to a well-played game, advanced manufacturing processes seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation.

Through a blend of innovative technologies and precise manufacturing techniques, we continuously push the boundaries of possibility, creating immersive worlds that captivate and inspire

factory audits

Fully Compliant with RBA for factory audits

Approved by clients

Approved by clients through strict vetting processes

growth-driven partnerships

Strong growth-driven partnerships with industry pioneers


Argumented Beauty

Electric Vehicals

Electric Vehicles

Air & Water Purification

Sustainable Water
& Air technologies

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Smart Home

Smart Home

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