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Intretech’s global presence is meticulously designed to offer strategic advantages to our partners. Each of our locations is equipped with the latest technology and operated by teams of experts who bring local knowledge and global standards of excellence to every project. From automotive components that push the edge of innovation to consumer electronics that redefine daily life, our manufacturing solutions are as diverse as the needs of our clients.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, with ISO certifications across all sites ensuring that every product we touch meets the highest international standards.

Whether it’s precision injection molding for medical devices, automated PCB assembly for the latest tech gadgets, or custom tooling for automotive innovations, Intretech has the capacity and the technology to deliver.

We understand that each industry has its unique challenges, which is why our services are highly customizable, designed to adapt to your specific requirements while optimizing cost and efficiency.

Custom Automation


The SMT lines are located in an ISO8 clean room (level 100,000), and other soldering processes are performed in strictly controlled ESD assembly halls.  



Intretech Hungary provides the highest standards of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) with its high-speed Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines, automatic soldering machines, and wave soldering machines. All products are 100% quality controlled and serial tracked via our United Management System (UMS) to provide the utmost efficiency, traceability, and quality.

Custom Automation

Injection Moulding

Whether for consumer electronics, healthcare or automotive industries, our advanced, fully electric injection moulding lines coupled with automated packaging solutions provide you with consistently high-quality plastic products at scale right at the heart of Europe. 

Tooling & Painting

Tooling & Painting

At Intretech, we excel in precision tooling and advanced painting solutions. Our tooling expertise spans from custom mold design and high-precision machining, while our painting division offers a variety of techniques including automated and manual applications and specialized finishes like high-gloss, matte, and textured coatings.

Metal Processing

Intretech’s metal processing capabilities stand out in the industry for their precision and adaptability. With CNC machining, metal stamping, and die-casting. Our advanced equipment and skilled team deliver high-quality metal components that meet stringent industry standards, ensuring durability and performance for both custom and high-volume production needs.

Final Assemble Test & Pack

Intretech is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and expert automation engineers to provide full-fledged Accelerated Lifecycle Tests (ALT), Product Quality Assurance (PQA) tests, and Visual Inspection Systems to ensure excellent product quality and stability.

Accelerated Lifecycle Testing

Intretech specialises in accelerated lifecycle testing (ALT). This enables you to understand the product performance under stress, thus, better identify the weaknesses and opportunities for improvements.

Automated Testing

Our automation team of 200+ engineers can help streamline ALT processes to achieve the highest quality feedback at the most efficient cost.

Test and Pack

Intretech Manufacturing

With a global presence and a commitment to innovation and quality, the company offers comprehensive services from design to mass production, catering to various sectors including IoT, consumer electronics, audio, medical, and automotive.

intretech manufacturing
Our end-to-end smart manufacturing solutions, from R&D to final production, are managed by over 1,600 engineers and 9,000 employees worldwide, ensuring your project receives the attention and expertise it deserves. With Intretech, you’re not just manufacturing products; you’re building the future.
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