Head office and Primary manufacturing hub to Intretech

Founded in 2011, Intretech has grown to become a globally recognised manufacturing company with an HQ located in China. With a workforce of 9000 employees, including 1600 engineers, Intretech has established a strong presence in the global market. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in its 4 global factories. 

Formation: Intretech was established with a clear vision and ambitious goals in 2011. Since then, it has consistently expanded its operations to meet the growing demands of the global market.

Growth: With a dedicated team and a focus on technological advancement, Intretech has experienced significant growth, becoming a leader in innovative manufacturing techniques and processes.


Intretech’s commitment to quality and efficiency has led to international recognition, establishing it as a preferred partner for businesses seeking high-quality manufacturing solutions.

Skilled Workforce:

Intretech’s team comprises of a workforce or over 9000, with 1600 highly skilled engineers who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Technological Advancements:

Intretech’s talented engineers lead the development of advanced technologies, ensuring the company maintains its position at the forefront of global manufacturing standards.

R&D Initiatives:

Investment in research and development initiatives has empowered Intretech’s engineers to constantly refine and improve manufacturing processes and product designs.

International Manufacturing Presence:

Intretech’s global footprint spans 4 continents, enabling the company to efficiently serve diverse markets while maintaining a consistent standard of excellence.

Efficient Processes:

The company’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring efficient production processes that meet the highest quality standards.

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