Building a greener tomorrow.

Sustainable production is crucial for our planet and our business’s future. It involves creating goods and services in a way that reduces any negative impact on the environment. By integrating eco-friendly technologies, reducing waste, and conserving resources, we can ensure that our production methods maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems for generations to come. 

We actively explore and work with the most innovative companies in the environmental-tech space, helping deliver the UN Sustainable development goals.

Solar electricity

2912 million KWH of solar electricity generated by HQ (15% yearly concup)

Lead-free paints

Moving to lead-free paints in all our production factories 

Factories in America, Europa Asia

Global manufacturing locations bringing production close to key markets. 

We are focused on quality and safety services and have implemented a comprehensive Sustainability Excellence Framework to promote sustainability excellence across all of our operations, supported by a commitment to high standards of corporate governance, transparency, and accountability.

This approach includes a set of Total Sustainability Assurance standards that are systemic and end-to-end, aiming to encourage, enable, and empower their operations and personnel toward sustainability excellence​.

We aim to lead by example in the industry by advancing towards zero waste production, achieving net-zero carbon emissions, and further enhancing the sustainability of our supply chain. Investment in cutting-edge technologies and renewable energy sources will play a pivotal role in reducing our environmental footprint.

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