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We are considered to be a leader in smart manufacturing, providing comprehensive, in-house, end-to-end smart contract manufacturing solutions across various sectors, including medical & healthcare to a global customer base.

With operations which are global, combined with significant manufacturing capabilities in China, Malaysia, and Hungary, and with new facilities coming in quarter 4 of 2024 for our New Mexico factory. To date the company employs over 1,600 manufacturing engineers across out 4 global sites.

Our global operations, with significant manufacturing capabilities in China, Malaysia, Hungary and our most recent facilities located in Mexico has already started production with automotives. To date the company employs over 1,600 talented engineers across out 4 global sites. 

Facilities within our factories are equipped to handle high-volume consumer electronics, automotive technologies, IoT & connectivity, augmented reality technologies, and more, ensuring quality control and IP protection across all processes​. Intretech delivers integrated supply chain solutions, leveraging our global footprint a strong network of validated suppliers. We seamlessly have moved teams between Xiamen -> UK -> Malaysia to support project development. A cross-functional team will establish the baseline for all customer’s project requirements. 


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Plastic Injection


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Intretech Manufacturing

With a global presence and a commitment to innovation and quality, the company offers comprehensive services from design to mass production, catering to various sectors including IoT, consumer electronics, audio, medical, and automotive.

intretech manufacturing

Global Expertise, Local Insight

Intretech’s global manufacturing network, spanning strategic locations in Malaysia, Hungary, China, and  Mexico, positions us uniquely to offer unparalleled supply chain solutions. This expansive footprint is complemented by our deep local insights and operational excellence in each region, ensuring that our clients benefit from a supply chain that is both global in reach and local in execution.

Our approach integrates the latest in supply chain management technologies with our vast manufacturing capabilities, enabling seamless operations across borders and industries.

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