Integrating Automation to unlock your Business’s full Potential.

With over 600 specialized engineers to develop automation solutions that utilize robotics, collaborative robots (cobots), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and modular systems, crafting highly efficient, scalable, and accurate manufacturing workflows. We customize each solution to meet the unique needs of your project, serving a diverse range of sectors including consumer electronics, automotive, and environmental technology. Our work is transforming how businesses expand and function.

Our expertise in automation goes beyond just improving productivity. It’s about creating intelligent, sustainable, and flexible manufacturing ecosystems.

At Intretech, we understand that each industry has its unique challenges and requirements. This is why we offer a spectrum of automation solutions, from custom-built accelerated lifecycle testing for the automotive sector to smart manufacturing solutions that integrate seamlessly with consumer electronics production lines.
Custom Automation

Custom Automation

Our contract manufacturing expertise extends to delivering custom automation solutions tailored specifically to your product’s requirements. Designed for high-volume production and precision, our systems are developed over 9-12 months, leading to mass production readiness. This significant investment, typically exceeding $1 million, ensures unparalleled accuracy and capacity to meet your most demanding manufacturing needs.

Custom Automation

Industry 4.0

Intretech embraces Industry 4.0, leveraging advanced automation technologies to transform traditional manufacturing into highly efficient, interconnected, and automated systems that drive productivity and innovation.

By closely managing the transition from prototype to full-scale production, Intretech guarantees that new products are market-ready, optimizing both time-to-market and cost-effectiveness.

Modular Automation

Modular Automation

offer modular automation solutions ideal for handling smaller parts and sub-assemblies with rapid changeovers across multiple SKUs. Focused on eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing precision, these systems can be deployed within 3 to 6 months. With investments typically under $1 million, our modular automation provides a cost-effective, scalable path to increasing your production efficiency.

Modular Automation

Our Cleanroom Facilities

Intretech’s cleanroom facilities encapsulate the essence of modern manufacturing. The cleanliness level of these environments is often rated at 10k ensuring a pristine climate conducive to manufacturing sensitive optical and medical devices.

Cleanroom Facilities
With Intretech’s Automation Solutions, businesses across various industries can embrace the future of manufacturing today. Our bespoke solutions, rapid deployment capabilities, and unwavering commitment to sustainability make us the ideal partner for companies looking to innovate, scale, and lead in their respective markets.

Embrace the future with Intretech’s Automation Solutions. Discover how we can transform your manufacturing processes, enhance your productivity, and contribute to a sustainable world.

Contact us today to explore what automation can do for your industry.

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