A medical-device manufacturing partner that you can trust.

We have a specialized team that will bring our expansive expertise in intelligent manufacturing to the Medical and healthcare Tech sectors. Seasoned professionals with deep expertise in medical devices, regulatory compliance, and precision manufacturing currently staff our medical division.

Harnessing our global network and innovative spirit, we will continue to deliver cutting-edge medical solutions that meet the highest safety and efficacy standards globally. Their approach includes a robust zero-defect manufacturing strategy and leverages advanced technologies and automated production lines.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is culturally embedded into every facet of our productions.

Vertical integration

Vertical integration provided globally.

Testing methodologies

Testing methodologies ensure that our manufactured devices’ meet the highest industry standards.

We are focused on quality and safety services and have implemented a comprehensive Sustainability Excellence Framework to promote sustainability excellence across all of our operations, supported by a commitment to high standards of corporate governance, transparency, and accountability.

This approach includes a set of Total Sustainability Assurance standards that are systemic and end-to-end, aiming to encourage, enable, and empower their operations and personnel toward sustainability excellence​.

Quality & Innovation:
Certified Manufacturing

ISO 13485
CE<br />
UL<br />

We are committed to perfection, utilizing predictive assessments, rigorous quality control, and certifications like ISO 13485:2016 to ensure excellence in our products. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for tight-tolerance injection moulding, offering scalable solutions for thousands to millions of parts.​

The company offers ISO 13485 manufacturing, CE/UL/FCC certification, and automated accelerated lifecycle testing, emphasizing modular automation for high-precision assembly and testing in cleanroom environments.

Intertech Plastics also offers comprehensive injection moulding services for the medical industry, including engineering services, assembly and packaging, automation design and implementation, part decorating, and tool development. 

Their expertise extends to creating custom injection moulds, providing engineering and prototyping services, and implementing award-winning automation designs to eliminate risks and ensure consistent quality controls. 

We employ advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to meet the high global standards required in the medical and health tech industries, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability

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