Head office and Primary manufacturing hub to Intretech

Intretech’s factory in Xiamen, China, serves as the headquarters and is the primary smart manufacturing hub for the company. This location is central to Intretech’s operations, focusing on the production and assembly of electronic components, intelligent control systems, and other advanced manufacturing solutions.

The Xiamen facility plays a crucial role in research and development, enabling Intretech to innovate and deliver high-quality products and services globally, aligning with the company’s vision in leading the “Industrial Internet” and the “Internet of Things” sectors.

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ISO Certifications:
9001/ 14001/ 27001/ 13485/17025

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Full vertical integration with all 4 Intretech Factories

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In-house automation team
with over 600 engineers


Responsible supply chain compliance

The FATP manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments including:


  • Medical lab accredited
  • Over 4000+ Full end to end smart manufacturing solutions (R&D -to FATP)
  • 202,000m2 total area.
Intretech HQ in China

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