Intelligent Manufacturing

Intretech has been at the forefront of Industry 4.0 since its foundation. With its self developed United Management System (UMS) + Automation capabilities, Intretech has been able to transform manufacturing processes to consistently provide excellent services for its customers

Industry 4.0 – Four Modules

  1. Automatic production line program transmission management
  2. Automatic production KPI monitoring
  3. Production process quality and traceability management
  4. Product lifecycle and after-sale service control and management

Smart Manufacturing Process

  1. Use of electronic labels for all production cycles of each material, equipment, unit part and operator
  2. Monitoring of the factory’s temperature, humidity, air pressure, and energy usage
  3. Collect and manage data of each work order, station, machine, operator during the entire production process

Intelligent Manufacturing Characteristics

  1. World class quality:
    1. SMT single digit PPM
    2. Yield rate> 99.8%
  2. Near perfect delivery rate: on time delivery rate> 99%
  3. Customised industrial robot at each key process
  4. Integrated global supply chain and pull-production model
  5. Real-time production data
  6. Pursue:
    1. Low cost
    2. High quality
    3. High transparency
    4. High consistency

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